Friday, October 4, 2013

Our "seven passenger van"!  A 1978 GMC Royale.  GMC made 12,921 motorhome between 1973 to 1978.  The motorhome has a front wheel drive transaxle with an Olds 455 (7.5 l) or 403 (6.6 l) V8 engine.  GMC used the turbohydramatic 425 transmission. Our baby has the Olds 403 V8. The Royale started as a transmode model(no interior) and finished by Jimmy Motors. We bought the motorhome in Idaho and drove it back to California with only one minor incident....overheated in Vegas.

Home Sweet Home.....moving forward

Home Sweet Home....moving forward

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Home has never been sweeter....

I don't know that we have ever been so happy to be home. Walking into our house on Friday evening felt glorious! Maybe it was the 2 1/2 weeks in a hotel room, maybe it was the dreaded flight home, maybe it was me not feeling well for part of the was probably a little bit of everything. I know we were ready to get home and get back to a regular routine. It was an amazing trip and we brought home a daughter who was heaven-sent. But yes, home sweet home it is!! The Korea-lax flight ended up being an hour shorter than we thought....thank the good Lord for we were pretty happy starting off. 10 hours on a plane is 10 hours on a plane, however & it was hard to sleep, hard to get comfortable. Leah did have a meltdown on the plane, poor thing, she was just so tired and go figure, it was right in the middle of the flight when everyone was sleeping. Desperate as we were, it ended up being a flight attendant holding her for about 45 minutes that finally calmed her down. I about jumped out of my seat and yelled, "Praise Jesus" when we finally touched down. Makena and Josh were as excited to see home as we were. It was awesome to come home to a "Welcome Home" banner and decorations outside and inside the house....friends, you are too much, thank you!!! Leah walked in like she owned the place and it's been so fun watching her explore and try out new things. Her and Kona are giving each other space. It's amazing that somehow Kona knows not to get too close. She thinks he's funny as long as he's 10 feet away. Oh, and Miguel's Jr. for our first dinner home was A-Mazing! We've been trying to adjust to CA time.....up from 2-4am the first night, sleeping all day Saturday, bedtime at 4am the next morning. We know we're not doing it the way we should to adjust quickly, but we don't care, we're a family of five now & that's what we're focusing on first and foremost. I'll post some pics tomorrow for those of you who may still be reading. Thanks so much for sharing in our journey with us! Goodnight for now, from our Ohana to yours :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

We're almost home!!

We made it to Korea!! So far so good....the flight was almost three hours & the kids slept for about one & a half of it. The rest of the time they watched movies. Leah got a little restless and wanted to move around, but for the most part she stayed put. We are celebrating that she didn't have a meltdown and she listened when I asked her to put her seatbelt back on. We can already tell that putting her in a car seat is not going to go over real's going to be a long drive home, in Friday afternoon traffic :). Sorry in advance Uncle Dennis! Praying for a smooth, safe flight back to LAX & will probably post some time in the morning!