Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One week down, one week to go

Well, its been fun settling in as a family of four.  It has been quite a whirlwind since meeting Joshua.  The day after we went back to the office where we met him and there was a lot of hurrying up and waiting.  It took almost 4 hours, but we finally got everything done to finalize the adoption (its official, he's a Gonzales now!) and to get his passport.  The kids were so good, but I know it was hard on them.  Thank goodness for the DVD player!  We ran into the family who had been there the day before and had a chance to talk with them.  What a difference in their daughter - she looked so relaxed and somehow so calm and comfortable knowing that she is now part of a family.
Joshua is becoming more and more comfortable with us each day and he is responding with smiles and sometimes laughter, which is so beautiful.  We have learned that he has quite a temper and a good set of lungs, and together, that makes for some crazy times.  Makena is so sensitive and for a few days, it would really upset her when he cried, so we would have both of them crying.  We are working on that.  Joshua really does not like it when things are taken away from him and we are working on that as well.  
We were so happy that we were able to visit the orphanage yesterday.  As one of the photos show, some of the older boys who were playing outside, ran up to us and said, "Jia Bai! Jia Bai!". They were so excited to see him.  We could tell that the nannies who took care of him were so loving and good with the children.  It was so incredible to meet them and to be able to see where he stayed for the first 20 months of his life.  When we left, it made me sad that we didn't have the same opportunity to see Makena's orphanage and be able to offer her the photos and experiences that we have with Joshua.
We have a few free days before we leave on Saturday for Guangzhou.  Not sure what we will do - maybe venture out to do a little shopping or try to find a park.  Its hard for Makena as there is not a lot to do here and she misses home.  It will be easier in Guangzhou as there are several parks nearby the hotel and more kids to play with.  And we will have more options for food - here, we are pretty much on hotel food and while it is good, we are ready for something new and different.