Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shenyang Social (Children) Welfare Institution.

We visited the orphanged today which is in Wangniu Village about an hours drive from the hotel.  The orphange and grounds are very clean.  A new building is also being built to replace the current building.

Around Shenyang


A couple of pics of Shenyang which shows that it is very urban.  Lots of building going up.  Most of the industry have moved away from the city and into the surrounding area.  The city is very dense but the country side is about 40 minutes away.  Walking and driving appears is chaotic by western standards. However, there are very few accidents.  Drivers try to resolve fender benders by themselves first.  The police get involved if they can't.  There appears to be 3 levels, road, scooter and bike lane and walking lane.  Cars drive on all 3 levels and in all directions.  And everyone seems to be okay with this.  Pedestrains do not have right of way.

The statue of Chairman Mao is very close to the hotel.  In the morning the locals run, in-line skate and practice what appears to be the Chinese version of "line dancing".  Music is played over on speaker attached to a cart. 

The section of town, Holland, is modeled after Amsterdam.  The buildings appear to be mostly abandoned and may be in the process of being "renewed".  The developer is serving an 18 year sentence.