Monday, May 7, 2012

As our new daughter sleeps....

I'm having a hard time thinking of what to write tonight as I look over and see our little Leah sleeping soundly on our bed....there are no words to adequately describe our day. It may be because I'm tired and my brain just isn't working right, but more likely, its that there really isn't anything I could say that could convey how incredible our day has been. And I couldn't head to bed without sending out our sincerest, deepest thanks for your prayers. Our God is an awesome God and we know that through all of our requests, He has prepared this beautiful little child to join our family. Thank you for your fb post, Cathy....just knowing that you and others were holding her up at the time we met her is just amazing.

I'll send more to post tomorrow, but just to let you all know, Leah is doing great! We headed over to the Civil Affairs office this afternoon....our escort let us know it would be a busy place - sure enough, there were a total of 40 families meeting their children today. It was a chaotic mix of crying children, parents trying to comfort them, flashing cameras and signing papers. When we met her, she was calm and there were no tears. She was unsure, a little tentative, but she latched on to one of the toys we brought and once we offered her some little crackers, she warmed up and was ok being held. Back at the hotel, her eyes were everywhere, taking it all in. Within minutes of coming into the room, she spied the Polly Pocket set that Mrs. Meier had sent along, grabbed my hand to take me over to where it was and once we pulled it out for her, she was hooked for the next hour. Will someone let Mrs. Meier know that Polly Pocket is her favorite thing? I'm not sure she's reading this and we would love to pass on our thanks again!

At dinner, she ate everything we gave her....pasta, noodle soup, shrimp dumplings, watermelon. She's a good little eater, at least for now! After dinner, back to the room and we got the kids in jammies and settled in to read. She fell asleep easily in my lap and is still out. I still can't believe she's finally here with us.....another enormous blessing that we are humbled to receive.

Josh and Makena have been loving on her from the first moment. We are so, so proud of them. They both got to have her on their lap for a few minutes and Makena just wants to carry her around. She keeps saying how precious Leah is. Josh has been sharing his cars and planes with her and he is so happy to be a big brother. And thank God for Ashley and Aimee....they have been amazing on this trip, knowing just when to jump in and help when we need it and having fun the entire time. They captured some great pics and video today!

We were told we will get to visit the orphanage, though I don't think they've scheduled the day yet. Can't wait to see where Leah spent the first few years of her life and especially to pass on the photos that we've brought from other families.

Before I sign off, we want to wish a very, very happy birthday to Diana! Hope you have a fun day!