Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The longest leg of our trip is over!!

We made it to Korea! We were all so glad to was a reallllly long flight this time. Lots of turbulence which made it hard to sleep. Great news is Josh did fear, just total excitement. He wasn't sure about the whole landing thing, but he was fascinated and looking out the window as much as possible. Kids didn't fall asleep until around 1:30am & Makena was so tired, she had night terrors. It was warm on the plane & hard for her to get comfortable, but after awhile she found a good position and was out. Airport here is really clean and there is hardly anyone here since its 6am. The kids are expending some pent-up energy by playing in the indoor playground they have here. Ralph, Ashley & Aimee have already found the Starbucks and, even though the meals on the plane were great, we're being tempted by some udon for breakfast. We board in another hour for the two-hour flight to Beijing....then hopefully we can all get some sleep! We'll post some pics later once we get to the hotel and get all hooked up :) And we wanted to say thank you, though thank you does not seem enough, for all of your prayers and support! We have truly felt God's peace and protection and we are so thankful and so blessed that Leah gets to come home to an amazing groups of family and friends :)